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Kindle Your Future

the ember quill

Elite Test Prep | Education Consulting


I founded The Ember Quill in 2020 to give Houstonians a superior alternative for standardized test preparation. My approach is unique because I focus on raising students' native thinking abilities, which translates to higher possible scores and more satisfying experiences. 


Work with me privately or with a friend. I have helped students like you radically improve their college prospects. 

Kindle your future -- get in touch with me today.


Kyle is a dedicated tutor who always comes prepared to challenge me and help me improve my scores. Beyond the class time, he has made himself easily accessible if I have any further questions. He offers clear explanations and helpful tips. I have greatly improved my scores thanks to his SAT prep course.

You are a wonderful teacher, Kyle. Just in the 3 lessons we've had, I already feel more confident.

- Jason Grosso

- Leah Hetz

Dearest Rockstar Kyle Thank you for everything! I owe every bit of my admission to you! You are the best!

Kyle -- Thank you so much for your help & support throughout our time together. Our sessions have been insightful & interesting. I now feel more prepared & confident to tackle the GRE and that is an amazing feeling.
Thanks again!

Love, - Snehee

Stay in touch - Mary

- Maya

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