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Welcome to my professional website. My name is Kyle Rusciano, and I'm originally from Houston, TX, where I attended St. Thomas Episcopal and St. Thomas High School.  I am a graduate of Yale University (B.A. in History, cum laude) and the University of Durham (M.A. in Theology, 1st with Distinction). Contemplative yet with a pioneer's spirit, I love keeping an active mind and invigorating the minds of others. 


I founded The Ember Quill in 2020 to give Houstonians a superior alternative for standardized test preparation.  My approach is unique because I focus on raising students'  native thinking abilities, which translates to higher possible scores and a more satisfying experience for my students. The average score increase for my students is 200 points, far above what others deliver. 

As an independent professional, I can teach what others cannot. I am excited that in 2023 I am expanding my teaching to include crypto finance, offering my clients a unique opportunity to equip themselves with the knowledge, theory, perspective, and resources they need to navigate this frontier. 

When not teaching, I enjoy weightlifting (at the Weekley YMCA in West U), tennis, and playing card games like Magic and Poker.

- Kyle Rusciano

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