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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The mission of the Ember Quill is to kindle the future of its clients. As I have learned over the past year, high school students know about crypto and many have gotten involved in it in a variety of ways. What has become plain to me is that they are thirsting to better understand this space, to have some grasp of what to do so they don’t stumble blindly.

At its core, crypto gives young people two crucial abilities here and now: the ability to generate wealth and the ability to preserve it.

The former is more immediate and more tantalizing to teenagers; and understandably so, as they have their whole lives ahead of them. But it is precisely that youthful energy which, if untrained and ill-equipped, will lead them astray and fall prey with the rest of the herd. Bitcoin was the best performing asset of the last decade; it, alongside the crypto asset class as a whole, will be the best performing asset of the next. Acquiring strong foundational knowledge about this space, the unique and unprecedented financial tools it offers, and the art of investing itself, will enable my students to capitalize on the historic opportunity presented them.

The latter appears further off, faded in the distance; yet it will ultimately prove just as important. As the dollar supply increases at an ever-increasing rate, with 40% more dollars in circulation today than just 3 years ago, young people today will want Bitcoin – a hard monetary asset with a fixed supply – to preserve their wealth as they get older, marry, and start families of their own. And furthermore, what is also true is that the digitalization of our world has enabled governments and institutions to exert more control over ordinary people than ever before. In the face of an uncertain and unpredictable future, young men and women need to learn how to protect and safeguard their financial future. Crypto, when used properly and adeptly, is a tool that can help them do precisely that.

Crypto is both a budding asset class and a radically innovative and beautiful tech that offers the opportunity to create and protect generational wealth. Young people crave direction and guidance on how best to navigate it, access its treasures, and avoid its snares. I will prepare them.


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